Valerie Joan Connors, Author


 I was born in September of 1957 in a small town in Upper Michigan.  As you can see, I was a happy child, always taking time to stop and smell the flowers.  That’s me at three years old, sitting in the front yard of our house.  That’s our old car at the curb.  We lived in Iron Mountain, Michigan until I was nine years old.

In the summer of 1967 we moved out west to Oregon, where I expected to find cowboys and indians.  I was relieved to find that the west was pretty much like everywhere else I had been, just a little bit warmer in the winter.  I adjusted nicely to my new surroundings.  Well, eventually. Oregon was a beautiful place to grow up.  The air was fresh, and the trees were green thanks to all that rain.


In 1986 I began to feel like I had been rained on quite enough, and headed to California for a while.  But after several years of nothing but sunshine, I found myself missing the Northwest, and returned to Oregon.


I began my college career at the University of Oregon, continued at San Diego State University while I was in California, and finally received a B.S. in Finance from Portland State University.  Between moving  up and down the west coast, and working full time, it took quite a while to complete my formal education.  By the time I received my diploma, my resume’ was in pretty good shape and people had stopped asking whether I had a degree or not.  Oh well.  At some point in the process it had really become more of a personal goal than a professional one.


Now I live in Atlanta, where I’ve been since 1996.  I arrived in town the same week as the Olympic torch. How’s that for a welcome?!  I spent several years as a software consultant for the financial side of architectural and engineering firms, and now work full time for one of my former clients.  Architects are very smart people.  Not only do they design beautiful buildings, they also figure how to make them stand up.  This never ceases to amaze me.


As the product of an artist and a musician, it seems odd that I should have a career in the financial realm, although it does explain why I have chosen to work with architects for the past twenty years.   Now that I’ve discovered writing as a way of satisfying my genetic desire for creativity, I’m very happy with the balance.


On New Year’s Day in 2005, I married a wonderful man, and was blessed with  the most awesome stepdaughter I could have ever dreamed of asking for.  We have two dogs, Ginger and Coco, and life is very good.