Valerie Joan Connors, Author


Praise for A Better Truth

"I loved taking this thrilling journey with Willow, who learns that the truth will set you free…if you can survive it.   Fascinating, with twists and turns that keep the pages rolling!"

--Lynn Cullen, nationally bestselling author of Mrs. Poe and Twain’s End      

"A Better Truth is a real page-turner! Valerie Joan Connors has crafted a book that has it all: suspense from the beginning, complex characters, a plot that keeps the reader guessing, and lots of surprises—including a breathtaking ending. At the same time, this novel has substance as it reminds us of our frailties, of the bonds of family and love, and of the possibility of recovery. It’s a book that should be passed from reader to reader and one I will not soon forget."

--Constance McKee, author of The Girl in the Mirror

A Better Truth is a psychological thriller whose central character struggles to recognize the difference between reality and the paranoid imagining of her damaged mind, pushed to its breaking point.

When the frantic pace of her Washington, D.C. life becomes too much for her to bear, Willow St. Claire takes refuge in the North Georgia Mountains. She buys a bookstore, hoping to spend her days talking to customers about the latest releases, and her evenings in the quiet oasis of her mountain retreat. Alone in her cabin, two miles away from the nearest neighbor, Willow must learn to cope with the terror of her past, heal from the loss of her mother, and maintain a relationship with a teenaged daughter who refuses to leave D.C. where she lives with her father. But a knock at Willow’s kitchen door late one night, sets off a series of events that will shatter her newly found peace and tranquility, and threaten to trigger another breakdown. Willow has held tightly to her own version of the truth for over three decades, because for her, real truth is far too disturbing to acknowledge.