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"The Book Widows"

Photo Credit -  Rona Simmons

Four local authors, published by Deeds Publishing, a Georgia-based publisher, have banded together to promote reading among both men and women after finding themselves alone at book talk after book talk, their husbands like other men rarely reading fiction and even more rarely participating in book clubs or attending book talks. They dubbed themselves "The Book Widows."

About "The Book Widows" (Left to Right Above)

Susan Jimison, author of Dear Mark, and Through the Eyes of a Tiger

Constance McKee, author of The Girl in the Mirror

Rona Simmons, author of The Quiet Room and Postcards From Wonderland

Valerie Joan Connors, author of In Her Keeping, Shadow of a Smile, A Promise Made, and A Better Truth

Photo Credit - Rona Simmons

Appearances:  The Milton Branch Library, The Bookworm Bookstore, Tall Tales Atlanta Bookstore, Georgia Writers Museum, Woodstock Antiques, The Queen of Hearts Antiques, Rockdale County/Conyers Arts Festival, Bookmiser Bookstore, Allatoona Book Festival.